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Spa Services

I'm ALREADY pretty! Nothing better than warm towels. No cut, just change the color.
I FEEL pretty! The cap keeps my curls frizz-free. The steam Turkish baths here are marvelous.

Our professionally equipped grooming salon is the perfect place for your pup to enjoy some quiet pampering at the hands of our caring, experienced staff. We have a large selection of shampoos and conditioners to accommodate all skin types. We can also apply any products prescribed by your vet. Because every dog is unique, please ask for a customized bathing quote.


Small dogs – starts at $40

Large dogs – starts at $50

De-skunking – $60 + bathing cost

Nail Trim – $17

Clipping your dog’s nails can be tricky. Our professionals have just the right touch – and plenty of patience.

Ear Flush – $11

Ideal (and important) for long-eared dogs, and pups who spend time in the water.

Brush-Out – $50

We’ll work out the tangles, and make sure the hair ends up on our floor – not yours.

Undercoat Blow-out – $50 + the cost of the bath

This service is only available to those dogs with undercoats such as Huskies, Malamutes, Golden Retrievers and other similar dogs. Please check with the front desk to see if this service is the right choice for your dog.

contact us | 510.655.7832
contact us | 510.655.7832
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