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B-day Parties

Birthday Parties-$30

Beware the Lasso of Truth! Wonder Woman WILL find the ice cream Every Dog wants to feel like royalty on their birthday Brain freeze! Princess ice cream tastes better If I could just... Living the dream.
Remember how much fun it was to invite a bunch of friends over, play games, eat cake, and take lots of silly photos to commemorate the passing of another year? We think your dog deserves that kind of fun, every year. Pick a theme for your dog’s big day!! Royal Wedding, Super-Hero, Pool Party or an Extravaganza of Toys!

Private Party

A private party in the yard for your dog with a few of their best friends and lots of their favorite activities (balls, bubbles, stuffed toys, cuddles).

A Yummy Treat

It isn’t a party without treats! Our ice cream treat is frozen yogurt that even sensitive bellies can tolerate.

Facebook Posting

Great party photo posted on the Every Dog Facebook page for the world to admire and your far-flung relatives to enjoy.

Photos for You

Approximately 30 photos of the party for you to keep for a lifetime (please provide a flash drive).

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contact us | 510.655.7832
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