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Want to be a Dog Handler?

1315 16th Street, Oakland, CA 94607
Safety and supervision is the foundation of our operation. The dog handlers we employ must be committed to maintaining the safest possible environment at all times. Every Dog’s success depends on our employee’s commitment towards, and love of, the animals.

What We Expect

Providing care for over 140 dogs each day requires structure and rules. Lots and lots of rules. We want people that love dogs, but we need people that understand caring for that many dogs is a lot like keeping a roomful of 3 year olds from putting scissors in their mouth or forks in the power outlets. It takes attention and quick thinking.

People that excel with us know that: Punctuality is not optional – ever Following directions is a sign of maturity and intelligence Sitting down is for after work – during work we MOVE. Quickly. Listening is an art

How To Apply

Send a cover letter and resume to

The letter must state where you heard about the job posting, your experiences with dogs (personal experience included), and why you want to work with dogs. Please address your cover letter, “Dear Rover”

Do NOT send any attachments in your email. Paste your information into the body of the email.

Job description: This is not a glamorous job. We work outside whether it is cold or hot, wet or dry. We do NOT just play with dogs. Each dog in our care is someone’s family member and their safety is our number one priority.

We train each employee in all aspects of the care we provide, but there are certain attributes that we look for when hiring a new employee: Punctuality is not optional – being on time is important. Energetic people will excel. You will be on your feet the entire shift, so people that prefer desk jobs will not succeed. A genuine interest in dogs is imperative. You should be the person that wants to stop and pet every dog you see on the street. If you like them, this may not be a good job. If you love them, this will be a great job.

contact us | 510.655.7832
contact us | 510.655.7832
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