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Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week - Molly

Molly – Four and a little more than half

Tell us a little about yourself?
I wish the Olympics would come around more often than every four years. I have been training hard for the heptathlon: zoomies, kong tossing, pool-hopping, shake, and napping. I’d be happy with anything above the bronze.

Are you a sweet or salty snacker?
Salty – for sure. Now if you asked about puffy or crunchy I might have a dilemma. Admittedly, Cheetos are delicious in all their forms.

Would you rather be a Spice Girl or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?
While there are many similarities between the two groups (super powers, world domination, etc) I think I’d be more inclined to branch out a little. Perhaps a Spicy Turtle?

Good girl, Molly!!

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