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Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week - Tilly

Tilly – 3 years old old

How do you spend your time at Every Dog?
I am hard-wired to herd things in the right direction which means here at Every Dog, I am a very busy girl. These dogs just run around every-which-way with absolutely no regard for order. Thank goodness I am here to make sure they can find their way from one yard to another. Just image the chaos! It makes me shudder.

Who is your best friend at Every Dog?
I have a few colleagues – Nova, Kobe and Roxy (the aussies) help me control the wild migration that we experience every 30 minutes! Thankfully, they are recent graduates from the puppy nursery, so they still think this is a game. Silly puppies…

What are your plans for the future?
Would it hurt to get a few crossing guards in here? Maybe a couple of hallway monitors? These dogs act like this is just some super big amusement park.

Good girl, Tilly!!

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