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Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week - Luna T
Luna T

Luna – a little over a year

How do you spend your time at Every Dog?
My time is divided between being silly with a few good friends, especially in the pool, and thinking deep thoughts. You see, I haven’t always been the party-girl you see today. Sometimes, I need a little time to find a cozy spot and reflect on how life has changed. Luckily, everyone here says that is just fine and let’s me have some “me” time before joining the group again. I like that.

Who is your best friend at Every Dog?
Cooper K (with the legs) is a good friend. Sometimes he joins me in my meditation and we can just sit side-by-side in companionable silence. But when I’m ready to rumble, he’s up for that too. He’s a good friend. He also likes the pool nearly as much as I do.

What are your plans for the future?
A lot of the dogs here could benefit from a little more meditation in their lives, so I’m considering offering classes in mindful breathing and enlightenment. It may be a little slow to take off, but I think eventually it will take off.

Good girl, Luna!!

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