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Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week - Viggo

Viggo – closing in on 11

How do you spend your time at Every Dog?
I lounge. Sometimes on a bed, sometimes on the grass, maybe with a blanket, maybe not, but always looking cool. There are times that just kicking back on the smooth floor is my place of choice. Probably because the blue color looks fantastic with my fur.

Who is your best friend at Every Dog?
The younger generation just confuses me, so you can usually find me with my peers: Charlie, Lulu, Shelby and the rest of the group in the double-digit club. Seems like the 8 year olds can’t put their phones down long enough to really have a good conversation.

What are your plans for the future?
Have to say I’m pretty happy. Sure, the knees are little creaky when I get up from a long nap, but otherwise, I’m set with the way things are now. Let the youngsters be the game changers: I’m sleepy.

Good boy, Viggo!!

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