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Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week - Mishka

Mishka – 2 and some change

How do you spend your time at Every Dog?
A well-rounded individual is able to thrive in any setting and that is my life goal. For this reason I take full advantage of all the enrichment available; sliding in the recess yard, swimming in the pool yard, hide-and-seek in the gym yard, snoring in the nap area and, when possible, snuggling with a human.

Who is your best friend at Every Dog?
Anyone. No, really. I love the young goof-balls because they are super fun for chase games, but when I’m in with a more mature group I can always find someone to practice my wrestling.

What are your plans for the future?
Obviously the holiday time plays a big role in my life – the presents, the cookies, the cookies, the cookies… This means my plans for the next few weeks are completely focused on being a VERY GOOD GIRL!!

Good girl, Mishka!!

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