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The Most Fun in Daycare

No time to rest! Too much fun! All day is recess! Puppies! Everybody loves toy time! Bubble dance! Short pools for short legs!
Every Dog Has Its Day Care®, Inc. is located in West Oakland in a spectacular 50,000 square foot facility. Please take a tour! Custom designed to provide a safe and healthy environment for your dog; our facility provides daycare for dogs, an overnight dog hotel, a spa, a puppy nursery, and special care environments for dogs who are convalescing.

With 12 indoor-outdoor play areas, each featuring a different theme (water play, climbing and agility games, ball play, and plain old lounging to name a few), we guarantee your dog will love coming to play.

The Daycare Experience

To ensure a safe environment, we have separate areas for Big Dogs and Small Dogs and Puppies. We also tailor playgroups based on energy levels and temperament. Energetic, adolescent dogs frolic in groups separate from mellower dogs that might not enjoy high-energy play. We keep playgroups small, so our handlers are always able to encourage safe and appropriate play.

 A Special Spot for Seniors

Our mature clients, small or large, have dedicated areas for rest and relaxation where they can lounge in the sun or settle into a comfy bed for a nap during story time. Belly rubs are always plentiful. Seniors can romp with their pals when they chose, then return to their special area.

  • 1 Month unlimited


    (per month)

  • 15 visit package


    (must be used in 6 months)

A Typical Day

As soon as your dog arrives, they’ll have a chance to greet their friends and go potty. Once playgroups begin dogs rotate through our multiple play areas during the day with naps between play sessions so they can recharge.

Because we believe dogs benefit from “active engagement”, we provide focused play, like follow-the-leader games and agility-based activities, enriching their brains while exercising their bodies. It also keeps the dogs focused on humans, rather than their own ideas of fun (like chewing on a hose).

Not all dogs like the same things, so in addition to our array of different themed play areas, we offer a wide variety of activities, like bubbles, story-time, and the twirling sprinkler, to name just a few. At 4:30pm, our lobby opens, and dogs begin to go home, where they’ll dream of their next day of fun spent at Every Dog.

We’re proud of our facility and love showing it off. Make an appointment to experience our Disneyland for Dogs yourself!


contact us | 510.655.7832
contact us | 510.655.7832
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