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The Very Best Boarding

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Whether you’ll be away for a night, a week, or longer, your dog will love staying in the familiar surroundings of our state-of-the-art dog hotel. We provide everything your pup needs for a fun-filled stay, including bedding, bowls, toys, and even sweaters for the wee ones.


Our house kibble, Wellness Brand: Lamb, Barley & Salmon Meal can be fed for breakfast and dinner at no extra charge. If your dog has allergies, sensitivities, or is just more comfortable sticking to their regular diet, we encourage you to bring your own food. For our clients who feed raw, a variety of raw options are available for an additional charge.


We’re happy to maintain your dog’s medication and/or supplement schedule. Just bring a sufficient supply and instructions. There’s no additional charge for administering pills, tablets, capsules, and powders, but there is a small fee for injections. Please bring all medications in their original package with the veterinarian’s instructions.

Bedtime treats

Nighttime is even more welcome with a special pillow goodie. Yummy “Twilight Treats” are priced at $8.50 per bag. Any remaining treats will go home with your dog at the end of their stay.

What NOT to bring

While a small toy or a t-shirt from home is fine, please don’t bring bedding, bowls, breakables, or valuables. We’re stocked with beds, blankets, toys, and everything else your dog needs for a comfy, fun-filled stay.

  • By the night


    (includes daycare)

  • Monthly Members


    (per night)

  • Express check-in


    (for bookings received after 2pm the day before check-in)

Sleepover schedule

Our overnight guests follow the same schedule as daycare dogs – so there’s plenty of socializing, playtime, and naps. They visit their bedrooms only for meals and bedtime. In the evening, we tuck your tired dog in with fresh water and soothing Classical music.

Rest easy

While there’s no place like home, a stay with us comes pretty close. If your pooch is staying for an extended period of time, is new to boarding, or just needs a little extra love, rest assured we’ll go the extra mile to ensure their experience is a positive one. There’s no extra charge for additional attention. It’s part of our commitment to keeping your dog happy and you, worry-free.

Express Check-In, for last-minute changes

If you’re not able to pick up your dog as scheduled, we’re happy to have them stay with us an additional night. Our Express Check-In applies to any requests for boarding received after 2pm the day before the check-in date and incurs a $40 charge.

Maternity Program

As you prepare for the new addition to the family, be sure to add us to the list of helpers. Let us know the due date and then a few weeks before, bring an overnight bag to Every Dog to be kept here until the big event. Your dog may arrive anytime between 6:30am-7:30pm with no extra fees. We’ll be ready!

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contact us | 510.655.7832
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